Day 1 – 06/04/2017 – Tasty meat, going beyond anger, a big hug and who we truly are.

Here we go!

What surprised me today?

  • I had an amazingly tasty dinner: I was surprised how tasty the meat was. It may sound trivial and yet food is one of those simple pleasures of life which is really important to me. If there is no pleasure in what I eat, I have a tendency to feel empty and that is when I start to snack on chocolate or salty depending on the moment.
  • My daughter came back yelling from the park where she was playing with her friends. She was hysterical, slamming doors, a real tornado. Usually, I yell because I don’t understand what is going on and get frustrated because I don’t like the situation . This time I miraculously put aside my automatic response of anger and was able to connect with her. I think what did the trick is that I accepted the situation as it was (instead of complaining mentally that this was not supposed to happen) which allowed me to focusing on her with empathy, listen with my heart and ask questions

What touched me today?

  • I asked my daughter to hug me because I felt a bit down. Usually I ignore my needs and therefore don’t act upon it. For some reason, I did listen to myself and I felt like a hug. My daughter is a great hugger :-). When I received her hug, it felt surprisingly good inside – not like a usual hug. It may be that my wanting a hug made it special. I felt like it healed something inside of me.

What inspired me today?

  • I watched an inspiring video from Laurent Gounelle in French. It was a nice reminder that we are not our possessions, we are not our beauty, we are not our job, we are not even our genetics nor our name. Who we are goes beyond all this.


This website is not about me, it is about the simple things in our every day life that makes life magic, that makes life worth living. It is an invitation to share your happiness. So what surprised you today or yesterday? What touched your heart? What inspired you? Please share in the comments below so others can be surprised, touched and inspired by your every day happiness experiences.

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