Day 2 – 07/04/2017 – A breath of fresh air, an amazing waiter, the smile of a stranger, acknowledged and mysterious nature

Second round…

What surprised me?

  • I was surprised how nice it was to just sit outside, do nothing in my garden. I usually prefer to stay inside and work on something at my desk. At the end of the day, I usually feel some cabin fever growing inside of me. You would think that I would remember to go outside the next day to oxygenate my brain well no, I’m so focused on work that I don’t take the time to go out. So for once, I broke my routine and got a nice surprise.
  • We went to a Greek restaurant with my family and we had amazing service thanks to an amazing waiter. We ask him to turn down the music, in a few minutes it was done. Our order was a bit late, he proactively apologized and when our glass of water would get empty, he was there to fill them back up. It is not so much what he did as to how he did: you could sense he truly enjoyed what he was doing and he was fully dedicated to it. We felt like we were in good hands and it made our experience in this restaurant much more enjoyable. I even walked out of the restaurant leaving my phone on the table, he ran after me to bring it back to me. Needless to say that he got a good tip from us. Could it be what some call the law of attraction?

What touched my heart?

  • The smile of a stranger and the beauty that emanated from it. Sometimes it feels good to see someone smiling genuinely, it raises up your spirit and encourage you to do the same: smile! It’s funny because I don’t usually notice this type of this. Could this be linked to this happiness experimentation? It also gave me the impression that I was connected to this stranger and it felt good.
  • My daughter Rose acknowledged me as being a “playful Daddy”. I love games since I was a child, I enjoy them because it is an opportunity to step out of serious adulthood. Anyway, it was funny and unexpected to be acknowledged by my daughter like that. It touched me that she knew a part of my true self.

What inspired me? 

  • I am noticing it is more difficult for me to find something to be inspired about during my day. What came to mind is the beauty of my garden and in particular the beautiful green color of my grass. As if this natural beauty spoke to me in ways I’m not aware of.

This website is not about me, it is about the simple things in our every day life that makes life magic, that makes life worth living. It is an invitation to share your happiness. So what surprised you today or yesterday? What touched your heart? What inspired you? Please share in the comments below so others can be surprised, touched and inspired by your every day happiness experiences.

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