Technic #1 for a new pair of eyes

What you focus on, grows…

Marcel Proust quote


Spend 10 minutes a night with your little notebook. Sit down with the book and reflect on your day going backwards:

  • I just had dinner
  • I was driving home
  • Before that I had a meeting with Mrs. X
  • Rewind your day as if it was a videotape until you reach the morning when you got out of bed in the morning.

Do this process three times

  1. the first time you are going to ask yourself: what surprised me today? As soon as you find anything that answers that question, anything at all, you write it down briefly in your little book.
  2. Then you start your review again from the back asking yourself: what touched my heart today? As soon as you find anything that answers that question you write it down.
  3. Then you start your review again and ask this time: what inspired me today? As soon as you find something that answers that question you write it down.

Then you are done for the day.

Suggestion: look back at your day as if you were a novelist, a journalist or even poet. You need to look for the stories.

Source: “the art of living every minute of your life” by M.S. Rachel Naomi Remen M.D.

Why “Shared Happiness”? How it all started?

The intention and purpose of this blog…

When I look on paper, I have everything to be happy: a loving wife, two amazing kids, a fulfilling job, a comfortable material life, a good health and yet deep down inside I am not happy. I read many personal development books, I worked on myself for the past 7 years, it helped on many levels and yet if I’m honest with myself I know I’m not happy.

I keep waking up most mornings with a big ball of anxiety in the stomach and in the shoulders which sets the tone for the day. My morning meditation helps a little bit but again it does not shift the baseline which is set in anxiety. I may occasionally have a good day and yet it feels like deep inside I’m missing out on something.

I came across a video a few weeks ago about “the art of living every minute of your life” which got me thinking because it offers a simple technic which promise is to transform your life. The technic is easy and requires only 10 minutes per day so why not test it out?

In a few words, the technic is about reviewing your day just before going to bed and ask yourself 3 questions:

  • what surprised you today?
  • what touched your heart today?
  • what inspired you today?

You then write your answers in your notebook. That’s it!

As I started this process, I came over two other simple technics which I added to the mix.

  • I added another question to that bedtime review: what are 3 things that I am proud of about myself? It can be anything: accomplishing some of your goals or just holding the door to someone.
  • I spend 3 minutes in silence in nature. I usually do this process in my garden at night after or before answering the questions in my notebook.

Now my plan is to test this process for 90 days at first and see the impact it has on my life. It is high time to move into action, walk the talk!

Why this blog? Well as I’m starting this new journey, I feel compelled to share the initial results which are very positive (I started on April, 6th 2017 – more than a week ago).  More importantly it is for me a way to share something authentic about myself and who knows maybe it will inspire some to start their own happiness process, to share their results or share their other “happiness” technics that worked for them.

Let’s share happiness!