Day 4 – 09/04/2017 – feeling connected to strangers, my wife, my dog, nature…and more


3 simple questions: what surprised you today? what touched you heart today? what inspired you today? to rewire your brain over 90 days from blah to happy or so neuroscience says. I decided to find out and share this experiment hence this blog.

What surprised me today (going backwards in the day, from evening to morning)?

  • A cute beetle jumps on my shirt as I’m sitting outside looking at the stars and listening to the noises of the night (one of my favorites things to do).
  • My wife being nice to me. Her only presence around me is enough to make the evening special as it was the case that night. I’m a lucky guy to have such an amazing woman as my wife.
  • A great talk with my brother over the phone. We have very different philosophies on life so we usually don’t see eye to eye…which is a shame as I’d like to feel closer but I guess that is life. We are just born different and that is why our nice chat was a nice surprise.
  • A great seabream for dinner…hmmm….yes, I am a foodie 🙂
  • I was very productive as I was working on some administrative paperwork which is not usually my “forte”. What made it productive is that I had a limited time to accomplish a set of tasks so that helped me to be focused. Some people call this the Parkinson law and it seems to work very well.
  • I took time for myself and did things I enjoy instead of things I should be doing. It felt great not only to put myself first but also to step out of the routine, step out of pressure into pleasure.
  • I had an important meeting this morning with a client this morning. It got postponed and it was a blessing in disguise as I woke up highly stressed and had some face allergy. It may sound weird but I sometimes feel like the universe manages my agenda. 😉

What touched my heart today?

  • My dog barking. Usually it upsets me but this time I’m happy she does as it means she is fully recovered from her surgery.
  • I took my daugther to her first ballet lesson. She was so cute with her tutu skirt and she impressed me with her self-confidence. All Dads having a daughter will understand what I’m talking about here.
  • As I was waiting to pick up my kids from school, I had nice conversations with the other parents. It was not like usual, people seemed very happy to be here and happy to talk to me. It felt nice. For the second of the day (see below), I had a very nice connection with those people I’m not close with.
  • I went grocery shopping today and as I was waiting for my turn to check out I was watching a security guard being playful and smiling at a kid. He then saw me and smiled, I smiled back. This was a furtive and yet intense moment of complicity and connexion with a stranger. This is new to me. I really liked that.
  • When I returned home, my dog doing her happy dance as I walk in. You should see that: pure joy! She makes my day.

What inspired me today?

  • A sense of a deep connection with the present moment, with all the people driving around in their cars in the same direction as I do. It was as if I was looking from above at the situation and looking at the deeper meaning of the scenery. It is hard to put in words how it felt.
  • At some other time in the day, I felt very grateful for all these people around me whom I don’t know and yet who make the world a unique place to be and the human experience worth living. I surprised myself to think of the day where all of this will end and thinking that I will miss it; I will miss the magic of the magic of this world.


I’m four days into this experiment and this was a very surprising day on many levels for me. What describes it best is a sense of deep connection beyond the routine of the day. I’m not sure how this “3 questions ” experiment works in detail but there seems to be some changes inside of me at a deep level. It gives strength to go on and makes me curious about what is to come next!

Feel free to share what surprised you today, what touched your heart or what inspired you in the comments below to inspire others and spread happiness!

A special thank for all who started to follow this blog. I’m new to this so if you have any suggestion on how to improve this blog, I’d be happy to receive your suggestions.


Day 3 – 08/04/2017 – Yummy meat balls, fun boxing class, tasty green tea, detachment and sad puppy

This website in a nutshell: it is quite obvious that “what you focus on, grows”. I’m someone quite anxious and to step out of this anxiety, I decided to start this blog to refocus on what is great about my day by asking myself 3 simple questions: what surprised you today? what touched you heart today? what inspired you today? Neuroscience says it takes 90 days to rewire your brain so I’m curious to know what changes, if any, will happen to my life at the end of these 90 days. If you were to answer these questions, what would you say? Please share your comments below and share your happiness for others…you will make my day :-).



These are not the meat balls I ate but they just look alike…

What surprised me today?

  • My wife invited me to lay down with her on our couch. It was nice to take a break and lay down next to her and just be with her 🙂
  • We had meatballs for dinner and they were utterly delicious!!!
  • My son who is 9 and my daughter who is 7 participated in a boxing class for kids. It was so cute to see them boxing against the punching ball, fragile as they were and yet determined to punch this thing.
  • I had a great green tea. Usually I don’t pay attention to the taste of what I drink – with the exception of wine even though I’m not a big drinker – but this time it was different. It was a if I discovered green tea for the first time. The taste was amazing and surprisingly not bitter at all.
  • I received an email: one coaching client decided to stop her sessions because she reached her personal goal sooner than expected. This could have triggered my ego “this is not ok that she leaves the coaching relationship after just two months working together” “have I done something wrong?” “she says she is very happy with the coaching, is she telling the truth?”. In fact this is not what happened. First I was happy for her and second I remained very “zen” as if this situation was to be expected. It was a good surprise to me.

What touched my heart?

  • Our dog had a surgery. Nothing major, the surgery went great. However after the operation, she looked a bit sad when usually she is very happy. The vet put a cone around her head so that she would not lick herself. She had those big puppy eyes that really touched. As I am writing this post a few days after the event, I can testify that Coco, is her name, is back to normal full of joy…she just jumped on my keyboard a few seconds ago as if she wanted to participate to this blog post… 🙂

What inspired me?

  • I don’t know why but I could not find something that inspired me today. Let’s see what will happen next day.


This website is not about me, it is about the simple things in our every day life that makes life magic, that makes life worth living. It is an invitation to share your happiness. So what surprised you today or yesterday? What touched your heart? What inspired you? Please share in the comments below so others can be surprised, touched and inspired by your every day happiness experiences. Let’s share and spread happiness!